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The B&B S'Ercole offers accommodation in Posada. Free WiFi access is available.

All units have a patio with garden views. An Italian or continental breakfast is included in the price. @ All Right Reserved 2018 - Website created by Flazio Experience


The staff

Lo Staff

At the age of 21 I decided to leave my family experience to go to work in Germany, always remaining in the gastronomy sector, first of all to learn the language, then to improve myself professionally by working in various restaurants and hotels with Italian-French cuisine and German .

After a long wander from city to city, I arrived at the unexpected but sought-after conquest of the Hotel with renowned cuisine awarded with 1 Michelin Star.

After spending 30 years in Germany, I return to Posada with the idea of ​​following my "B&B and holiday home rental" project.

Since 2017 I have personally taken care of my accommodation facility to create a touch of personality in the eyes of our customers with attention to detail, making the environment welcoming, romantic and with a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

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Discovering Posada

Certainly not just beach and sea

The first thing that makes Posada interesting to visitors is its medieval village with the "Castello della fava" .

The access to the town of the ancient village of Posada was that of " Sa prima Porta " , which marked a defensive system of seven towers located along the southern city walls to the west. The other gate called " Sa Corva " , delimited the innermost defensive circle and the Castle itself, seat of the garrison and defense apparatus of what was to be the most important military construction of the Gallura kingdom. The Castello della Fava was a strong point at the time of the Pisans, who restored and strengthened it at the end of the 13th century, when they were preparing to receive the attack of the joint forces of the Catalans and the Arborensis determined to take away the power of the Arno the control of Sardinia after the investiture of Pope Boniface VIII (April 1294) in favor of James II of Aragon.
In an important Pisan document from 1318, the Castle and the entire Posadino territory are described in great detail. There is also talk of a walled Curia, which is to be understood as the seat of power of the Gallura State, just as the Pisans had occupied it for more than a century and continued to hold it at the beginning of the 14th century.

In the Palaces of the Ladies and the Count the complexes of the Curia and the Duana Salis (Salt Customs) described in the Pisan document must be identified. The same properties, at the end of the Pisan dominion and at the end of the war with Aragon (1409), would become the exclusive property of the Iberian baronial class and the local knighthood, until they were redeemed by the Posada community following a long judicial case, concluded with a sovereign decree of Vittorio Emanuele II in the aftermath of the Unification of Italy. In this way the Posada fiefdom, assigned by Alfonso V of Aragon to the Viceroy Niccolò Carroz in 1431, was the last of the Sardinian fiefdoms to be redeemed from feudal servitude.

In the Middle Ages the Posada territory was included in the

" Giudicato di Gallura " and was conquered by the Maritime Republic of Pisa. It is in this period that the "Castello della Fava" was built on the limestone hill (ca. 1050/1150). Posada soon became the economic, military and strategic capital of the entire Barony, therefore a fundamental point for the entire territory of the Barony and Northern Sardinia.​

Posada today

Posada, today (about 3000 inhabitants) and its territory are located within the Regional Natural Park of Tepilora and with the delta of the Posada River and its coastal ponds, offers wonderful natural landscapes enriched by the presence of various ornithological species that find their ideal conditions for nesting.

Posada is also recognized and awarded the "5 sails" of Legambiente and Toring Club Italiano, where in 2013 it was elected 1st place in Italy with the following motivation: "for having been able to focus on eco-tourism. The merit is that to be able to offer dream and quality holidays, thanks to the sustainable management of an excellent territory, the protection of the landscape, the services offered with full respect for the environment and high-level food and wine".
Currently the Municipality of Posada together with the Municipalities of the Tepilora Park and the adjacent Municipalities, has proposed the candidacy for the Unesco MaB - Biosphere Reserves program. The area is equipped with a bike-sharing system that facilitates and encourages sustainable mobility. Numerous sports can be played throughout the area such as trekking , mountain biking , amateur sport fishing , kayaking , windsurfing , kitesurfing . The Municipality of Posada has a tourist port: La Caletta , which it manages with the Municipality of Siniscola and offers various services for pleasure boating and fishing.


Bed & Brekfast s'Ercole

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Home S'ercole is my private home where I put at the disposal of customers who would like to stay in the B & B, two bedrooms, a bedroom with 2 single beds, and a double. The property has WiFi service and several verandas and relaxation area in the garden.
Contact me for any information.

Home S'ercole is my private home where I put at the disposal of customers who would like to stay in the B & B, two bedrooms, a bedroom with 2 single beds, and a double. The property has WiFi service and several verandas and relaxation area in the garden.
Contact me for any information.

Bed & Breakfast S'Ercole - La colazione


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